CBSSA Form 1

Just took CBSSA form 1. Was exactly like all of the NBME exams we’ve taken this year. I “passed” and it’s only december, but then again I didn’t pass by much. And unfortunately, my results for all of the different systems were the same: mediocre to shitty, except for genetics and behavioral science. I guess I’ve learned something in behavioral science after all …and my anatomy score was particularly weak. Test made me realize that there is a lot that I don’t know even though the questions are easy. And that it really is all in First Aid. So the real challenge is just retaining every single thing that is in First Aid, and having some very limited and basic understanding of what’s going on. But mostly just recognizing the patterns.

My goal on Step 1 is a 99. Anything above that is gravy, but I need the 99 to do what I need to do. Most years that happens around a 235-245, which means I need to get about 80-85% of the questions right.

All in all this reminds me a lot of the MCAT, which I started studying for in February or so and got a 99.5% score. Now, there is a lot more information to learn this time around, and a lot less conceptual understanding, so my studying has to be a little bit different.

I’m looking forward to the test because (and i mean this is the most sick and ironic sense) it’s finally something that MATTERS. Doing well on an anatomy exam or a systems final just doesnt get me going because it’s such a small component of my overall “score” for medical school. Maybe that means I’m not detail-oriented enough. But that’s been my MO throughout all of life: skate by on the small stuff and then win hugely on the stuff that really matters. It can be nerve wracking at times, and I don’t always get the best results with that approach, but it’s just the way I’m wired I guess.

I also hope that we get this study group together, since I haven’t had a really effective one in medical school yet. I just want to study with people who will make me feel absolutely retarded if I don’t know the right answer and who are totally merciless. Weird, right? But that’s what helps make me do better, so hopefully I’ll find it…

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