Snow Days

I’m grateful to the course director of our differential diagnosis  course for giving us this snow day off. The dogs are at my girlfriend’s parents house, I don’t have to shovel my driveway, and I feel strangely good about all of this. Heck, it’s 11:30 AM and I haven’t done anything productive.

Well, I did plan my schedule for third year, and I think it’s all ready for our scheduling algorithm to pick apart. I’m waiting for the final okay from my advisor but I’m pretty sure it’s what I want to do. I also emailed some of my friends who are third years at other schools and asked a friend of mine who’s currently in his third year here for advice so, I think I’m pretty set.

Without further ado, here is my (desired) third year schedule:

July – August: Pediatrics @ University Hospital

September – October: OB/GYN @ Anywhere (University Hospital, County General, Affiliated Hospital or County Medical Center)

November – December: Surgery @ University Hospital

January – February: Medicine @ University Hospital

March – April: Ambulatory and Family Medicine @ Wherever they send me

May – June: Psychiatry @ County Medical Center and Electives

I’m sure that the computer will decide that I really wanted to do Medicine in July at County General and that I’d rather do Surgery in South Carolina immediately after my Pediatrics rotation in Quebec, but such is life in the electronic age. They say that it’s better, I have no comparison, people seem happy with it, so I guess I’ll shut up and wait and see.

In rereading my last post, I want to ammend a slight clarification. When I am talking about faith, I’m not talking about capital-F Faith (in God/Allah/Jesus/Buddah/Joe Smith/Whomever). I’m talking about a belief that is not based on proof ( definition #2) and its counterpart, one’s obligation to an other ( definition #6). I’m talking about the reason you let someone whom you have never met take a knife to your child because they say they can save him.

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