Getting Real

This Monday I met with a professor in vascular surgery who likely will be my mentor for the next few months. He impressed upon me the need to get real: act like a professional student.

He had a particular concept of professionalism, though. Don’t go to class. Don’t do the reading. Just study for the boards. But study really well.

I’m glad I started this system during endocrine because I’m very comfortable with the material. I’ve been averaging 80% on my practice tests (usually I run in the low 60’s my first time through a given subject, which translates to about an 80 on the exam), so if that’s an adequate reflection of my knowledge, then getting up in the 90’s should be doable.

More than anything else, it reminded me that there really is a right way to approach this exam, and that doing it right means doing it fully.

In retrospect it’s hillarious to me that people think that going through preparatory material once is sufficient preparation. “Yeah, I did pretty well, I went through all of First Aid and a Qbank.”

F— that. Once? Seriously? Is that how you would want to define yourself? “Yes Mrs. X, I did this surgery once before. Please put your life in my hands.”

With that said, the level of intensity (and honesty) is hard to achieve. Today I wasted about 4 hours that could have been productive when I was arguing with my girlfriend. Pointless waste.

I got home at 6, and I was tired, and didn’t start working until 8 PM. I walked in the door, said hello to the dogs, started to get settled, and then the girlfriend walked in, and we talked for half an hour. By the time I was done with all that it was 8. So I only got two hours of work done today because I wasted the other 6 hours. Over the last three days I’ve done ten hours of work. I should be averaging triple that total.

It’s hard to not let life intervene sometimes. I guess that’s why I’ve settled for mediocrity so far …

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