Landmarks and Milestones

Current Milestones

I’m studying in four major ways

Specific Review: read first aid, then do USMLERx questions, then read a primary source textbook, note things I don’t understand as Anki flash cards, then do Kaplan Questions

Milestones: >75% on USMLERx questions, >75% on Kaplan Question, consistent completion of 4-6h/day

Targetted Review: review Anki flash cards related to a single subject, re-read primary source textbook and make new Anki cards

Milestones: Consistent completion of 1-2h/day

Integrated Review: USMLEWorld Questions relating to >2 subjects that I have reviewed.

Milestones: >75% on USMLEWorld questions

Practice Tests: CBSSA and USMLE blocks of questions in test conditions

Milestones: >75% on USMLE test blocks

Total Effort: 40h/week, 6h/day average.

Outside factors: Exercise dogs 1h/day, exercise self 5h/wk, sleep 8h/night, work at 90% efficiency

For my second pass, in May, I want to raise the levels by about 10%, to 85% on qbanks, and increase work to 50h/week.


So how’m I doing? Not there yet … So far last week I worked 24 hours, this week I have already gotten to 15. I’m not at my averages yet (Endocrine 75, biochem 65 for usmlerx, Endocrine 70, biochem 65 for Kaplan). I’m not consistently putting in the hours yet. But I am making improvement and continuing momentum.

This weekend I will switch from Biochem to another subject, likely embryology (jives well with repro) and anatomy, for a brief block (5days), then switch to a major subject (blood) for 10 days.

So it’ll look like


repro/embryo/anatomy x 5d

blood x 10d

cardio x 10d

review x 5d (biochem, repro/endo, embryo/anatomy, blood, cardio)


neuro x 10d

micro x 10d

pulm x 10d


review x5d (neuro/micro/pulm + previous review)

renal/repro/endo x 5d

CT/ms/GI x 5d

Review x 5d (renal/repro/endo/CT/ms/GI)

Review x 10d (all subjects – second pass through FA and UW)


review x 10d (all subjects – third pass through selected topics of FA and UW)

Taper x 5d



Keep in mind that while I’m studying for these subjects, I’m simultaneously learning new material. It’ll be fun …



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