What’s my ideal day?

This week I’ve moved pretty far from my vision of an ideal day, pushed by a bunch of mandatory classes and constraints on my time. I haven’t done a good enough job “defending” my remaining time from being wasted (by me).

So I want to come back to the idea of what I want an ideal day to be, and use that as motivation to make this and each future day better.

1. Sleep 8 hours (11p – 7a). That means be in bed by 1030p with an alarm set for 7a.

2. Play with the dogs for half an hour a day or run with them. Say, from 7 – 730a.

3. Study for 8h/day. Say from 8a – 11a and 1230p – 330p and 730p – 930p.

4. Go to the gym or work out or play sports or take a walk every day. EVERY DAY. Either from 7 – 8 or from 330 – 530.

5. See my friends or talk to them every day, for at least an hour.

6. Get out of the house every day.

7. Clear off my to-do list by the end of the day and don’t have things hanging over my head from day to day to day. Part of this is predicated on ruthlessly keeping track of things, which I’m doing an *okay* job of. Keep my inbox empty.

8. Talk to mom every week.


10. Learn something non-medical. Every day. Don’t become a mental amputee.

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