Exams Tomorrow, Don’t Care

We have a few exams coming up this week. I can’t bring myself to really care about them all that much. I doubt I’ll do badly, based on my performance on question banks and such (which has been significantly better than it was before any past exam). Then again, it’s impossible to say for sure and my apathy is probably clouding my judgement.

Either way, nothing to do now besides run through the old questions a few more times before bed. Hey, thinking about the exams, I just got nervous again! Excellent: more motivation. Off to study … and eat dark chocolate chips

(this was a terrible blog post. Sorry non-readers).

UPDATE 3/26/11: Despite my apathy, did fine on all six exams. I took one with particular dispatch (50 questions in 12 minutes) and got an 88%. I made a few stupid mistakes on the one exam I wanted to do well on (literally, three wrong out of > 50 questions), but I think the preparations are going fine so far.

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