Nothin’ to Say

Not much to write or say right now. We have a pharmacology exam on Monday, then a few other things and we are off for four-five weeks to study for boards. I still haven’t made much of a plan for that and I plan on sitting down on Monday and doing that, after completing the other requisite assignments.

Hopefully I’ll be in a better mood and will have more to write soon. Right now we’re in the middle of a pretty big slog and life is boring – study, do practice questions, do reading, do more practice questions, study more. Lather rinse repeat.

It occurs to me that I feel this way for two reasons:

1. When you’ve got your head down, and all you can do is keep moving, it’s hard to be open to the world around you. It’s hard to be self-reflective. What thoughts I do have are of very low and scattered quality.

2. Not much objectively interesting is happening. I’m not in class, I’m not really interacting with a lot of folks, it’s just me and the books. Can’t wait for that to stop being the daily currency of my life.

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