“F#$@ing Irene”: Liveblog 1611 PM

University Hospital is directly in the path of Irene. Although the hurricane is likely to weaken significantly after it takes out all of NY and NJ, by the time it gets to us it still might cause “significant flooding” as per the NWS forecast of 1400 PM 27 August. Accordingly, some of the clinical students have been asked to come back to the hospital this weekend to work from 1800 tonight until an undetermined time on Sunday.

Although the worst of the hurricane won’t hit us until tomorrow, several area hospitals have already started diverting patients to our ED (we are the L1 trauma, children’s hospital and psych ED for a catchment area of ~1 million people).

We’ve made arrangements for our pets to be taken care of, our hatches haven been battened down, and we’re doing some last minute laundry before heading into the hospital. I plan on live-blogging as the storm approaches (hospital workload, internet and power allowing), but I thought I’d start with the above clip from Black Hawk Down, since every time someone mentions the name of the storm, all I can think of is Jeremy Piven screaming into the headset as his UH-60 spools up … and the NYTimes series on Memorial Medical Center during Katrina. This shouldn’t be anything REMOTELY comparable to either of those situations but, for better or worse, that’s what pops into my mind.

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