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New Gawande Hotness … Except when you read to the end of the article, it seems that he never asked the patients if his coach could be present in the OR … More food for thought than I had anticipated …

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Ethics Case, Part II

This is part deux of a three part ethics case (read part one here) dealing with the performance of pelvic exams on anaesthetised women by medical students without explicitly obtaining prior consent to perform the exam. In our second year … Continue reading

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Link City today…

Tara Smith, rocking the pseudonyms vs. real names debate (which, as far as I’m concerned, is no debate at all …): I blog under my own name (obviously), but if I were starting out now, I probably wouldn’t make that … Continue reading

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“Like an endangered species”

As always, great reportage and writing from Megan McArdle Antibiotics are an exhaustible resource. We should be treating them like an oil field, or an endangered species. Instead, we handle them like consumer electronics. The patent system is designed to … Continue reading

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Two firsts

for this small blog. First google search term leading to a visitor: “men in hose”. Think they might have been disappointed with what they found here … not a lot of men, and not a lot of hoses … And … Continue reading

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Final thoughts from L&D nights, two weeks on

It was one of my last L&D nights, and as always, I was working with a different team at night. The beginning of the night started off slowly, and ended with a baby in the hallway, an extramural delivery in … Continue reading

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I may or may not be drinking a beer at 0730

I feel entitled to a token rebellion during my nights weeks. Last night had plenty of ups and downs, but I think it did showcase many of the positives of the work on OB. We delivered a bunch of babies, … Continue reading

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