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Specialty: Decided, or How To Match In Neurosurgery (Hopefully)

I’ve decided to apply for a neurosurgery residency. (Readers: please feel free to ask me questions about my decision or my decisionmaking process) Scary for me to even say, but there, I said it. Nothing like changing to an extremely … Continue reading

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Thank you WUSM 2014 for this absolute gem. The rest of their youtube channel is also genius. h/t

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Today the resident let me close. At University Hospital this rarely happens, partly due to the plethora of trainees willing to snipe even the lowliest of OR duties and partly due to the climate of our times. At the local … Continue reading

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What I think about when I think about specialty selection

Dear Readers – I emphatically welcome your feedback for this post, particularly those of you who have been through the match, residency and beyond, but all insight is welcome. As for me, as the sidebar and my previous posts might … Continue reading

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