Required Reading for Attendings and Senior Residents

XKCD today is so on point it’s not even funny (link).

Please share with your friendly (or, not-so-friendly) local residents and attendings. Imagine if every time you didn’t know something, and asked a question, someone approached you with this attitude.

Most of the time, in medicine, a student asking a question results in one of three possibilities: the student is assigned to go look up the answer (because their supervisor either didn’t know the answer or didn’t feel able to take the time / energy to explain the answer), the student gets a curt and dismissive reply, or least likely, and only rarely, a really cool discussion ensues.

I’ve learned a lot about people on the floors this year – much more than I’ve learned about medicine. It’s really rare and difficult to find folks who remain excited and enthusiastic about teaching medical students. If there’s one thing that I hope to do differently when I’m a resident/attending, it’s to remain excited and enthusiastic about teaching. I know that I won’t have a lot of time to do so, particularly in a neurosurgery residency. But hopefully at least once or twice each day, for a few minutes, I’ll be able to summon that enthusiasm. That’s my hope, anyways …

For now, pass along this most excellent XKCD cartoon, and carry on.



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