10000 Pageviews and a Promise

Coming up on the 1 year blog-o-versary and my 10000th pageview. Two very small milestones to the world – but relatively big milestones to me. I’m still not really sure what my goals for this blog are in terms of readership – mostly I write so that some of those other medical students out there in internet land can see the path that I’ve taken and the experiences that I’ve had, and benefit from that vision.

As for where I am, I just changed my email signature to “MS4” … a momentous step. After this brief respite, I will be staring down the barrel of my subinternship and several away subinternships (currently 2, working on #3). Essentially, the first four months of the year will be doing subinternships, the next three taking Step 2, completing a couple weeks of mandatory coursework and hopefully interviewing often, and then the final three completing mandatory fourth year coursework.

I want to publicly commit (again … how’d that work last time?) to twice-weekly blogging (Wednesday and Sunday). As always, it will be new material. This time, I’m setting a very annoying reminder on my smartphone to goad me into action.

If anyone has any requests or questions, I would be more than happy to respond via the comments, a blog post, or email (use the link in the header of the page). Or, if you just want to berate me for not blogging, that would be fine too.

For now, I’m chaining myself to my desk until I get 1000 words per day written on my personal statement. I need to finish that and have all of my ERAS nonsense completed by mid-July. I’m excited to sort out on paper (and in my own mind) the argument in favor of my becoming a neurosurgeon. That said, I’ve just put down more than three hundred words on the blog, which could have gotten me a third of the way away from my desk and off to the beach.

So, onwards!


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