Wow, it’s January.

Interview season has finished. Look for more posts in the days and weeks to come.

At this point, all I can say is that I’ve interviewed broadly, at almost everywhere I wanted to interview, and the rest is up to the robots who run the match (and human politics).

Congratulations to all of those who will be training in Urology and Ophthalmology (YES! I SPELLED IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!) – and best of luck to those who are taking a longer path to those fields.

Rank lists for the regular NRMP match are due 2/20 and the fateful days are 3/11 (when we find out if we matched) and 3/15 (when we find out where). Thoughts & prayers appreciated.

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3 Responses to Wow, it’s January.

  1. Jon says:

    Best of luck in the match! Keep us posted on the outcomes

  2. Good luck in the match! I’ve been watching the 4th years at my school make their match lists, and I’ve been getting so excited for you all… I can’t believe Match Day is so soon!

  3. Less than three weeks, dude. Fingers crossed tight!

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