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(Not So Brief) Book Review: Catastrophic Care

One of the most fascinating books I have read, “Catastrophic Care: American Healthcare Killed My Father” (http://www.amazon.com/Catastrophic-Care-American-Health-Father/dp/0307961540) offers no answer to its central question of how to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans who die each year … Continue reading

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Last Call

I recently had a bittersweet last call as a medical student. I can’t say it was one to quit on, but it certainly made me glad to have that chapter of my life finished. On the last service I rotated … Continue reading

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Bullying in Medical School

The New York Times recently posted an article about medical student mistreatment (“The Bullying Culture of Medical School”) on its Well blog. The only thing that surprises me is that anyone in clinical medical education would be surprised by this … Continue reading

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Required Reading for Surgery Clerks

Atul Gawande on the evolution of surgery over the last 200 years. Contains the answer to many of the historical questions you will encounter in General Surgery …and a fantastic money quote: Liston operated so fast that he once accidentally … Continue reading

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Today in Lecture

So one of the perks of third year is “casual wednesdays” thanks to our predictable didactic schedule. Generally, the lecturers are very aware of what being a third year medical student is like, and they go the extra mile to … Continue reading

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How NOT To Teach Medical School


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